History of Klifhanger

Klifhanger (Cliff hanger) has been in existence for 10 years, in which the art route has been organized 8 times. Ever started as a Chambre d'Amis in one weekend, grown to an art route with 35 works of art in a distance of 5 kilometers around and in the village of Den Hoorrn.
Start in 2007. Biennial up to 2013. annually up to 2017. From 2018 biennial with a theme.

Every year there are some surprises. A little grip from Klifhanger's history.

Zwerfstien - Lenie van 't Noordende
Either the Stone, Klifhanger 2011. This symbolizes the formation of Den Hoorn and depicts the origins of the southern tip of Texel. Persistent artwork; purchased by St. Hoorn Municipal Council.

Groeten uit Den Hoorn - Joke Witte
Greetings from Den Hoorn, Klifhanger 2014. Village in motion, animated with names of residents from the phone book. Youtube Joke White animations

Vuurrood - Patrick Tanghe
Firered, Klifhanger 2013. Former fireplaces, including this sheep fin, in and around the village as fiery beacons in the landscape. This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.  

Stamgasten - Herman van de Brake
Stam guests, Klifhanger 2011. Colorful regulars replace the chopped elm trees along the path. www.wera-art.eu

Wand - Alinda Ottens
Wall, Klifhanger 2015. The distribution of the polders around the village as a steel garment that reflects in the windwww.beeld-bouwer.nl 

Kerkgangers - Marjan Hoogerheijde
Church walkers. Marjan Hoogerheijde i.s.m. Henk Noorlander, Klifhanger 2014. Ode to the many feet that have entered the old baptized Vermaning.
This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. 

Zonder titel - Marian Smit
Untitled, Klifhanger 2007. In an old house, colorful beads symbolize the days: sometimes sad, more often sunny and happy. www.mariansmit.nl 

Waterloop - Marijke van Dooren & Josien Haarsma
Watercourse (collective Beeldwerk 96), Klifhanger 2009. A (knitted) watercourse of togetherness through the village, sometimes underground, visible again.

Zeven Paden Labyrinth - Kerstin Edelmann
Seven Paths Labyrinth, Edelmann i.s.m. residents Novalishoeve, Klifhanger 2014. A meditative road still to be seen and experienced on the grounds of care farm Novalishoeve, Hoornderweg 46. www.eilandgalerij.nl 

Ladder naar de diepte - Ineke Kuiper
Ladder to the depths, Klifhanger 2007. During the renovation of a stall farm, an old cellar is discovered in the kitchen kitchen.

Paradise of Surrender - Annabelle Schatteman Klifhanger 2014. Women's busts of unbaked clay exposed to the forces of the North Seawww.annabelleschatteman.nl

Blauwboekhuis - Willem Broens
Blue Book House, Klifhanger 2011. An airy house with texts from villagers as ode to the open character of the village. www.willembroens.nl 

De Grasmannen – Vera Godijn & Helen Vlietstra
The Grassmen, Klifhanger 2009. "Grass are you, and you will return to Grass" www.veragodijn.nl 

Zonnegletsjer – Peter Holman
Sunslipper, Klifhanger 2013. A glacier of sunlight slides down from the 'Klif'. www.peterholman.nl

Vrije Vogels – Jan Drijverschool
Free Birds, Klifanger 2015. The school is closing. Colorful birds fly out. A touching "farewell" to which all the students participated.

Ericka Voortman – Groos
Groos, Klifhanger 2015. An ode to the female pioneers on the occasion of 600 years City of Texel. erickavoortman.nl

Spiegeling - Antoinette Leroy 
Mirror, Klifhanger 2011. The woman as a bearer of life. Two mirrored female figures between two mirrored houses. (As "Lucy in the Sky" 1 figure can still be seen on Diek 30) www.leroysculptures.nl

De Wadden - Pieter de Vries
The Wadden, Klifhanger 2009. A series of aerial photographs of strange structures on the Wad. At first a prime. www.pieterdevriesfotografie.nl

Duivelse Verleiders – Marjolein van der Stoep
Devil Distributors, Klifhanger 2011. As contemporary 'water spouts' (grotesque figures at Gothic cathedrals) they decorate the façade of the local supermarket. www.marjoleinvanderstoep.nl

En de Heere roept u bij naam – Jaap Kooger
And the Lord calls you by name, Klifhanger 2014. An honor for local nicknames, endangered with extinction. A work of art that raises many emotions. This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Het tent-aardig bewind – Annelies van Nieuwmegen 
The tent-kind government, Klifhanger 2011. Ludieke charges against the disappearance of campsites at the adjacent campsite. www.vannieuwmegen.eu




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